Three. Rhapsody.

I left you off at my worries of work being solved, and also my settling into the Bangalorean life. Picking up from there, here goes …


Problem was solved; life was good again. I moved to Rishikesh. As you might recall, I can work from anywhere. So, I work from everywhere! More so hinging on the theory that more of traveling would mean more of getting to meet new people.

Well, the catch is traveling alone and working 8 hours a day, you hardly get quality time to interact with people. The time crunch conundrum presented itself in that I cannot directly sprout up to some random bunch of people and jump right into telling them my life stories! That’s just desperate.

You know what, things are perfect. Working in a dream setting on something I love. I get to work from cafes and not cubicles. I get to move around and not stare at the same set of everything everyday. Finding fault borders on nit-picking.

Wait a minute. Café NIRVANA. Funky dude blogging from a Mac. CS nerd coding on a Dell. What I say, “Worth a shot”. What I believe, “Disneyland”.

Four. Sip and Code. Sip and Code. Sip and Code.

People often have a misconception that cafes are places only for boyfriends and girlfriends to hang out. Contrary to that, the café scene has evolved quite a bit in favour of working professionals. Soothing music, comfy chairs, yellow lights – everything ideal for to get your creative juices flowing. That, along with a chance to meet new people.

Cafes in Rishikesh had soulful music and spiced lemon-tea on their menus, which helped me log several productive hours. Since everyone perceives the world in a unique way, perfection is very subjective.

Five. Moving on.

Though, deep down, I knew my relationship with cafe NIRVANA had no future. The day they realize I am warming the same chair every day, things WILL get awkward. And before such a situation arose, I knew I will have to hunt for a new one.

So how long could I really watch lectures on Deep Learning, shuffling around cafes? Even if the people sitting next to me were so kind as to not judge me, I found myself longing to watch few of these videos privately without the café music ringing in my ears. Now that was some deep learning!

I have to look for the perfect blend of privacy and openness. The right atmosphere to support my learning, as against my search for new people. Small decisions, way too much pondering over them, and a lot of courage took me back home. Solitude triumphs!

Six. Circles or Spirals?

 And I am at home alone, again. Living life. A little more disciplined.

Instead of waking up late, I go to the gym and practise yoga in the morning, with the evenings reserved to engage in some activity like dance or, music to keep me socially active and pursue meeting new people.

To keep things exciting, I still go to coffee shops to drink overpriced coffee and listen soothing music and, sometimes, work while there. Weekend getaways like trekking and lectures are nice ways to keep things refreshing and spend some quality me-time now.

The journey to explore “working remotely” is still in its process and, I am sure, there are a lot more adventures and thrills waiting for me, as I shall seek them out.

Until then,



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