Shaastra 2014


5 months

Project members

Aayush, Harsha

Project Demo

Music is in the Air

I always found DJ’s conjuring music from their consoles really fascinating. Inspired by this, I began my journey to develop a single, intuitive virtual DJ interface eliminating the complexity of the DJ console. Team Envisage sailed me through the rigours of gesture recognition in python programming to develop an inexpensive interface using Leap Motion Sensor.

Envisage 2014

Student made Techno entertainment show by IIT Madras

Performed Live in front of 3000 people

DAAD Science Slam 2014
New Delhi

Presented project virtual DJ in 5 minutes in front of 500 esteemed audiences. Won first prize among top 5 finalist nationwide.


Received a fully funded research internship opportunity in German University for 3 months.

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