Funded by

Center For Innovation

Team Members

Aayush, Anant



Project Duration

2 months


Best Young Innovation Project

Multi Terrain Robots

For Home & Industrial Application

This is where it all began. The wall climbing robot was my first project in CFI, which got me and Anant so enthused that we skipped going home in summer vacation. Our inspiration came from toys and nature to design the walking mechanism for the robot. By the end of summers, we had already come up with two functional models.

Prototypes designed

After numerous iteration, mainly two prototypes evolved.

Eccentric wheel design

Inspired from the crawling of the caterpillar, this design is based on crank rocker mechanism.

Pneumatic based design

This design was using pneumatic cylinder, which made it difficult to bring all the suctions cups in one plane.

Reduction in size
Increase in speed

Optimization in Design

Structural and topology optimization techniques were applied with space constraints to reduce Mass Moment of Inertia of the robot.

The Journey for

Wall Climbing Robot

This was during my 2nd semester in college when we have presentation by various clubs explaining activities and competitions conducted by them. Center For Innovation is a student organised lab at IIT Madras well known for its vision "Walk in with an idea, walk out with a product". The CFI head for that year Mr. Ashish Bajaj then showed us this introductory video of CFI and motivated us to take up a project in CFI. I still can't forget the goosebumps I got when I saw the video for the first time. After few days of searching for design problems I teamed up with Anant to develop GECKO that will be part of the introductory video of CFI next year.

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