Academic Course

Product Design Lab


Aug - Nov 2015

Team Members

Aayush, Anant and Nivea

Project Budget

10000 INR

Vertical Garden for

Urban Household

This project was proposed by my uncle Anupam. He is an environmental enthusiast living in urban household in Gurgaon. Keeping in mind the requirements of urban lifestyle, we designed a modular garden with automated watering system as part of academic course project.

Inspiration Video - Joy of togetherness

Core Features

We spent hours to design garden and a service system that address problems faced by urban gardeners.

Concept for Online Platform

Customizable Design

A wide variety of pots of different size, color and shape along with aesthetically appealing wooden and electronic facade will be made available.

Climate based suggestions

Weather based watering guidelines and season based planting suggestions will be provided. Monthly maintenance services will available for soil quality and plant growth check.

Social Platform

Community of like minded gardeners will be made for mutual knowledge sharing and care taking of gardens in case when gardener is out of town.

Prototype Design

Portable, Modular and Asthetic
Vertical Garden

This prototype was developed during the academic course project.

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