Hello, I’m Aayush. I create innovative products and interfaces.

Data Scientist | Biostrap

Engineering Design alum (Masters + Bachelors), IIT Madras


Awards and Recognition

My Story

Learning something new from most contrasting and diverse knowledge streams ranging from science, tech, world cultures, spiritual philosophies, aesthetics, architecture and culinary wisdom are integral part of what I'd call a great day. There is a big bucket list of places I wanna to visit, I enjoy my travels. Contrary to popular opinion, I find airplanes rather pleasant.

New places, new perspectives, new stories excite me. One of my favorite things to do at the travel destination is to explore authentic restaurants and cafes serving local cuisine. Although while cooking, I prefer fusing spices and dishes from various cuisines, I find in it an opportunity - to experiment. Most of the times it goes well, otherwise instant food packets saves the day.